Top Linux system monitoring tool

Best Linux System Monitoring Tools 1. Top Top This is a small tool which is pre-installed in many unix systems. When you want an overview of all the processes or threads running in the system: […]

Transfer root privileges to normal users in linux

user to root

How to give root privileges to other users in linux? [ Step 1 ] Transfer root privilege to normal user in linux. [root@sudoadmin ~]# visudo # add at the bottom: user ‘cent’ can use all […]

How to make your website faster in easy steps

How to make your website faster in easy steps. How gzip Compression works. When a request is made by a web browser to your website, Webserver compresses html,css,js,php,txt,pl, etc. and send compress files to users […]

Prevent FTP Brute Force Attacks

Prevent FTP Brute Force

Prevent FTP Brute Force Attacks [ratings] How to prevent FTP Brute Force Attacks from bots on Linux ftp server at port 21. Yes It is Possible with BFD tool (brute force detection tool), that comes […]

Basic Linux Commands

Basic Linux Commands Then learn Basic linux shell command from below simple tutorials. Which will help you to understand Linux/Unix shell command better. INDEX • File Handling • Text Processing • System Administration • Process Management • Archival • Network […]