How to Install Pip on CentOS 7

Install Pip with Yum

The are two option

Option 1

Add the EPEL Repository

Pip is part of Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL), which is a community repository of non-standard packages for the RHEL distribution. First, we’ll install the EPEL repository, for directions see
How to enable EPEL repository?

The Installation

As a matter of best practice we’ll update our packages:

yum -y update

Then let’s install python-pip and any required packages:

yum -y install python-pip

Option 2

Install Pip with Curl and Python

Note: If you installed Pip with the previous Option, then SKIP this step.
We can also use curl and python to download and install Pip.

curl "" -o ""


Wrap-up: Verify The Installation

View a list of helpful commands:

pip --help

Check the version of Pip that is installed:

pip -V

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